4 Cocktails to Melt Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]hat’s a better way to court love than with a little heart-warming spirit for this feast of St. Valentine? Alcohol has long been a way to coax our best selves past our inhibitions, allowing us to boom-box serenade, break out into spontaneous song, or make that first awkward move. So, if you would like a spiked beverage to set the scene, here are four Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes to melt your heart. And theirs.

Hot in Rio

Looking to spice up your relationship? If you’re not afraid of the heat in the kitchen, try this spicy delight. Chile, lime, and Brazilian Cachaca will taste like Carnaval and have you dancing the Samba between the sheets.

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Frozen Raspberry Pomegranate

If your relationship is already red-hot, the this is the perfect refreshment to your steamy affair. Get all heated up and let this drink cool you down with its tempting blend of vodka, lime, raspberry and pomegranate. Who needs lipstick when you’ve got berry-stained lips?

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New York Sour

If you need a manly beverage to brush off those workday woes, this is the ticket to an Empire State of mind. Rye, lemon, and sugar will get you post-prohibition and a bar spoon of wine on top will get you sideways.

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Orange Pisco Hot Chocolate

If your idea of a perfect evening is snuggling next to an open fire, then this is the romantic cocktail equivalent. Creamy hot chocolate is already an aphrodisiac. Add Peruvian Pisco, and elegant orange notes, and you may discover that you’re an Amazon queen.

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What’s your favorite thing to sip on for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to know![/blockquote]