Your Favorite Drinks of 2015

Cheers to 2015! There were many delicious ways to imbibe and indulge!

These were the drinks you liked the most on Instagram – hopefully you had a chance to taste them!

IMG_3398From the top right:

  1. Ancho-Villa at @TheTacoteca by the amazing @gioconda_s who is now at @estrellasunset
  2. Primus @thelovesongbar thanks to the lovely @catcip.cocktails
  3. Lovely Continga – one of the “Birds of the Forest” part of #Upstairs @acedtla’s bird themed menu – because that bar has some of the best bird watching in #DTLA
  4. Just underneath it, this was from my trip to Georgia, enjoying a Final Word at The Public Kitchen in Savannah.
  5. One of the most surprising and delicious drinks of 2015, from @edwinosegueda’s new menu, “Critical Hit”, a drink with lemon, carrot & egg whites… and of course rum, tequila, and canela… this was creamy with baking spices… like carrot cake, but light and refreshing! @faithandflower
  6. Royal Pisco Punch – a perfect summer drink @thefrontyardla by @williamcutting who is now at the new @residentdtla
  7. Below that, this has #DTLA written all over it, “Pershing Square” from @barmattachine which opened this year! All the drinks help tell the story of Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society.
  8. Then, the return of foie gras brought this beauty – a gigantic piece of foie gras on a bed of steel cut oats & strawberries @republiquela by the amazing chef @wmanzke
  9. And last but not least, @joshgoldman2’s reimagined apple martini with fresh granny smith apple juice and house made sour and a piece of apple glass. From @belcampomeatco in Santa Monica. He shared his recipe with me for @chilledmagazine so google it if you’re adventurous enough to try to make it.

So, those were your #2015bestnine! Cheers to 2016 and more delicious ways to enjoy it!