Campsite Cocktails: A Glamping Necessity

After a long day on the road, seeing every national monument you can muster, you just want to kick back at your campsite and enjoy a drink with friends. But we’re adults now, should we be sharing our bourbon with the camping mug that once held coffee in it just hours before? I think not. So, I put together a few things you will need to class up those campsite tipples.

First up is my favorite stainless steel Stanley flask to throw in your daypack for a swig up on the mountaintop plus cups to share, a portable hand crank blender to bring Margarita-ville to you, some exquisite cocktail mixers so you can make a fancy drink with just two ingredients (this plus booze), a cocktail kit with carrying satchel if you want to really bring your A-game, and some gorgeous plastic ‘glassware’ because we are so beyond Solo cups. And if you really want to step up your tailgate-car-camping game, you can splurge on this portable cooler that is powered by either 12V DC (aka your car), 120V AC (aka a socket at the campground), or (LP) gas (which you can truck in with you), so you can always keep your cool even if the sun will be partying late with you.

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[1] Hand Crank Blender [2] Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Shots + 8oz Flask Gift Set or Just the Stanley Flask [3] Bittermilk Cocktail Mixers (my favorite is the smoked whiskey sour) [4] W&P Cocktail Kit [5] Govino Shatterproof 28 oz Wine Decanter w Glass or a set of Govino Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses or Cocktail Glasses
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