Summer Strawberry Daiquiri for the Fourth of July

Independence Day is fast approaching, reminding us that we were just a few Declarations away from speaking with British Accents. I’m sure our founding fathers would throw their pointed hats in the air with celebration, knowing that we like to commemorate this festive occasion with a party!

Planning a Fourth of July menu makes me giddy with ideas. Independence Day makes me think of corn dogs, cotton candy, and ice cream sandwiches, because what’s more Americana than food I can eat on a stick? Pair that with some good ole County Fair food: funnel cake, an ice cream float, and deep fried anything, and we’ve got a party.

But, all that festive food is going to make your guests thirsty. Naturally, I have a few ideas to make your 4th of July party drinks as patriotic as the menu. A little red, white, and blue to ring in our Independence day with a bang!

Sonoma Syrup Strawberry Daiquiri
RED: Summer Sonoma Strawberry Daiquiri

For my party, I’ll be making a blended Strawberry Daiquiri to represent the RED, and let’s throw in a Sonoma Moscow Mule for WHITE, and a Blueberry Lavender Lemonade for the BLUE, which is also non-alcoholic if you want to take it easy.

WHITE: Sonoma Moscow Mule (Ginger & Vodka)
WHITE: Sonoma Moscow Mule (Ginger & Vodka)

The secret ingredient in those Strawberry Daiquiris is a beautiful lime cordial made by Sonoma Syrup. Having tasted many a syrup for cocktails, I have to say that the Lime Syrup made with a mixture of Mexican & Key Lime is one of my favorites, because it really tastes like naturally sweetened lime juice with a bit of zest. A bottle has quickly become a staple on my home bar.

Luckily, my home state of California is known for many things, particularly the renowned Wine Country of Northern California. Sonoma County produces world-class wines and exceptional produce, so naturally it is also the home to Sonoma Syrup. The versatile syrups make great beverages but they also double as a glaze for meat or make a fabulously floral sorbet. They use authentic ingredients (that you can read – no high fructose corn syrup here) like real fruit juices, cane sugar, and botanicals, which really comes through in the flavor.

Sonoma Syrup

So take advantage of the warm weather, and enjoy your day off to celebrate the freedoms we often take for granted! Let me know if you make any of these tasty beverages & what your guests think of your simple and festive drinks!

Summer Sonoma Strawberry Daiquiri

3oz Rum (preferably high proof)
2oz Sonoma Syrup Lime Syrup
1 oz Lime Juice

6-8 Frozen Strawberries
6-8 non-frozen Strawberries
1 cup of ice

(Serves 2)

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.

  • I like to use a high proof rum, because all that ice has a tendency to dilute your drink.
  • I use a mixture of frozen and fresh strawberries to keep it cool yet keep the fresh strawberry flavor.
  • Adding the ice gives it that slushee texture that is so satisfying in a blended drink.
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