Sneak Peek: Star Trek Collection for M•A•C

We got to stop in to the #MACStarTrek Starship Enterprise to get glam from the team of Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans and Ferengis during Comic Con in San Diego, as part of the premiere of Star Trek Beyond that debuted last week.

This collection is not available until September, but you definitely want to mark your calendars because this collection is out of this world! In the always capable hands of M•A•C Senior Artist John Stapleton, I was treated to some everyday glam, so I could hit the con in style.

This surprisingly wearable collection will not transform you into an alien, but will give you all the gorgeous starry shimmer you crave, with rich bold colors for fall.

M•A•C Star Trek Collection

Here’s what I’m wearing
Eyeshadow: Bird of Prey
Trip the Light Fantastic Powder: Strange New Worlds
Blush: Modern Mandarin
Lipstick: Where no man has gone before (looks amazing on anyone)
Gloss: Pleasure Planet (gorgeous) – this tri-color gloss pumps up your pout Kylie Jenner style without resorting to glassware.

Live Long and Prosper!

M•A•C Star Trek Collection