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Swinging Swords

Who doesn’t love a good fight? Especially when that fight involves brandishing steel and swarthy swashbuckling. Seriously, do we need one more reason to love Los Angeles? Check it: the duo responsible for the memorable fights in Hook, Master and Commander, Zorro, Tengu, and ...Read More

Love Yourself

  This post first appeared on Move LifeStyle by Jenn Wong   Maybe I’m contrarian, but I think the month of love is desperately in need of a makeover. While I appreciate the intended sentiment of Valentine’s Day, I’m slightly peeved by the holiday’s ...Read More

Bollywood at Big Bar

Valentine’s Day: the celebration of overprix-fixe plates, pressure laden plans of romantic bliss, and otherwise available single ladies crying themselves to sleep over re-runs of Sex in the City.  So depressing that it kinda makes you want to re-live your last awkward moment of ...Read More

Vin Chaud

I have an affinity for mulled wine, not only because my father is a certifiable wino, by the fact that he turned my mother’s office into a walk-in wine cellar, not that he is homeless and drinks out of a brown paper bag… (not ...Read More

Lose Control

This post first appeared on Move LifeStyle I am a capital C, capital F, Control Freak. I love labels, label makers, colored pencils and all the tools of organization that the Container Store has to offer. When I was in high school, my friends ...Read More

5 Favorite Videos of 2012

Here is a recap of some of my favorite videos of 2012. This post first appeared on Move LifeStyle From the uplifting to the inane, internet videos can easily overwhelm the casual viewer, making said viewer feel like a blind captain navigating floating detritus ...Read More

Rare Craft Roadshow

The act of drinking began for many of us as a means to an end: a way to escape, a little liquid courage, or a social lubricant.  As we grew into our drinking habits, the fast and loose attitudes of ‘any drink will do’ ...Read More

Move LifeStyle

I know I have been a bit absent lately, but it is for a good reason, I promise. I am very excited to announce the launch of Move LifeStyle! Move is a project that I have been working on for a year now with a ...Read More

National Rum Day {Harvard & Stone}

Summertime is the time for rum.  That eau de vie distilled from sugar cane hits just the spot on a hot summer day.  Perhaps because its origins are from such tropical places, the drinks we make with it also transport us to a sandy ...Read More

Gam3r Con {Get Out of Town}

Looking for a nerdy alternative to Comic Con?  Oh, you don’t think there is anything nerdier than Comic Con.  Well, sir, I believe that I have found such a place.  A magical nerd place that is filled with game masters, first person shooters, and ...Read More