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Happy Thanksgiving… and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you spent the day with people you love and ate your fill of savory and sweet.  I brought two dishes to Thanksgiving: bacon scalloped potatoes, to take a few years off your life and a kale brussel sprout salad ...Read More

Pop Up Store: Graffiti Beach

More local.  More hip.  More California.  This is a Pop Up store just in time for the holidays featuring emerging local designers in the LA scene.  Here is your chance to discover new fashion and support local designers.  Graffiti Beach was formed to showcase ...Read More

Patchwork: Indie Arts & Crafts Festival

Yesterday in Culver City was the Indie Arts and Crafts Festival: Patchwork.  It is exactly what it sounds like, independent artists and crafters get together to pimp their wares.  However, this is not your grandma’s craft fair…not that your grannie’s not cool… but these ...Read More

{Get Outta Town} ACE hotel for Halloween

If you don’t want to try one of the many LA Environs activities this Halloween — high tail it out of town.  Starting tonight there are many hipster activities happening in our neighbor to the east, Palm Springs.   For Lifestyles of the Hip ...Read More

The Spare Room

Prepare to be transported to a different time.  A time when rum runners were king and speakeasies were the place to be.  Let me introduce you to your new ‘blind tiger‘ – The Spare Room. More highbrow than the seedy blind pig establishments, The ...Read More

Lucha Masks: make your own

Spoonflower, the home for custom fabrics, has a new design contest up!  It is for custom fabric to make your own LUCHADORE mask.  Thanks to a tip from my friend Autumn, I was all over this!  I included pics of some of my favorites.  ...Read More

Halloween in LA {Top 5 Picks}

Your annual excuse to dress-like-a-harlot-and-get-away-with-it has arrived.  Halloween has descended upon LA.  Whether you’re trying to find a place to show off your creative costume…or not, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween activities ranging from the ordinary to the extra-way-out-there. Here are some quick ...Read More

Dine LA 2011

Dine LA starts today.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try as many restaurants as LA has to offer in the next two weeks.  Lucky for you, the restaurants make it pretty easy for you to accomplish this task. How ...Read More

German Soul Food {Alpine Village}

Apparently, the new hipster hangout of choice is one of the many nouveaux German Taverns popping up around the City of Angels.  Maybe it is the array of beers on tap that draws them.  Perhaps it is the delectable selection of wursts.  There are ...Read More

Summer Swap, Part III

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the graphics for your own swap party.  Now, it’s time for the final installment of Clothing Swap madness.  If you missed the first two segments you can read them here: Summer Swap Party Part I Summer Swap Party Part ...Read More