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Summer Swap Party – Part II

Ok, so how do you plan a Clothing Swap Party? If you missed the first post, you can read about the Summer Swap Party that I throw with my friend Autumn every year, right here. Location I think one of the most important ingredients ...Read More

Summer Swap Party – Part 1

In these troubled times, when you find yourself thinking twice about ordering that 1/2 cap 1 pump soy latte because you think you might need that money for gas in your car… first of all, why do you have such a complicated Starbucks order ...Read More

Rose Bowl Flea Market

I feel like everyone I know is looking for that ONE GREAT FIND.  There is something primal about “the hunt.”  That elated feeling when you find that amazing vintage brooch that completes your look or that mid-century Eames lounge in perfect condition is part ...Read More

LA River Ride

I was ogling the custom beach cruisers at Villy Customs and built my dream bike with their custom bike builder for a future date… and even though I couldn’t export my design to show you, here’s a cute one. Since Cyclavia was postponed until ...Read More

Unique LA: Summer 2011

The DIY of the past has had a bad rap:  half made scarves in your closet, glib sayings on needlepoint that don’t apply to anyone, stuff made out of pipe cleaners and tongue depressors.  However with the advent of Etsy and Make magazine, DIY ...Read More

{Get Outta Town} Dr Horrible – Live!

Are you going to Comic Con this weekend? You need to see Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.  Yes, that Dr. Horrible, the internet phenom that ended with Joss Whedon singing commentary on his own DVD.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are ...Read More


I think all of LA has OD’d on the word CARMAGEDDON, aka the supposed mind blowing traffic that will encompass Los Angeles for the weekend of July 16-17.  With all the fear mongering surrounding Car-mageddon, I thought I would give you a few ideas ...Read More

Million Dollar Theater

Million Dollar Theater by DonSolosan for Last Remaining Seats On June 22, The Los Angeles Conservancy and Last Remaining Seats opened the doors of the Million Dollar Theater to bring us Zoot Suit in conjunction with the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles. Zoot ...Read More

Castle Green

Amidst the revamped warehouses of Old Pasadena is an architectural treasure known as Castle Green.  Towering above Pasadena’s Central Park, Castle Green lets her residents enter and exit but you can not enter yourself.  She is a building of mystery and intrigue with her ...Read More

LA Street Food Fest

Summer is here.  Good eats & good peeps.  Wait, what? You’re not a top chef master?  Well, put down your shiny new grill tongs that have yet to see the fire of your Weber.  Head down to the Rose Bowl  & sample some of ...Read More