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Neutra VDL House

Frank Geary. Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Langella. If you don't know which one of these Franks does not belong with the others, this is not the post for you. However, if you do know that FG & FLW are two ...Read More

Celebrate Pi Day

On the eve of the Ides of March is a day to be celebrated both by the lovers of irrational numbers and the lovers of flaky wholesome goodness a la mode.  It is a day that can bring both gluttons and nerds together in ...Read More

Meltdown Comics

What is the deal with Meltdown?  Was I the last person to find out that they have this kick ass back room with comedy?  This brightly lit geek congregation across from Toi Thai now has art exhibitions? [blackbirdpie id=”43426624900837376″] I am ashamed to say, ...Read More

Oscars: Thank the Academy

  Ever wonder who those faceless “voters” are or who Julia Roberts was referring to when she thanked “the Academy.”  Well, said “Academy” actually hosts a number of events during “Awards Season” in spite of my penchant for zealous Hollywood quotation marks.  In fact, ...Read More

Oscars: Hey Shorty!

Once again I will appeal to your selfless nature – Need an edge in your Oscar pool? If you want to know the difference between “best sound editing” and “best sound mixing,” keep looking cuz I can’t figure that one out either. So go ...Read More

Oscars: What’s up Doc?

Ok, show of hands – how many people have had their eyes glaze over when the documentary category is read.  Guilty? Read on.  What if I could provide you with the means to impress girls and better yet, appear to be the overly educated ...Read More

Oscars in Los Angeles

Hollywood High Holiday Living in the City of Angels we have minor brushes with celebrity on a daily basis.  Clooney Starbucks sightings.  LiLo late night at Twain’s.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in your yoga class.  But on this coming weekend of a ...Read More

Grammy Museum

Instead of sitting on your big behinds and watching musicians belt out power ballads or oggling Lady GaGa’s newest stage outfit-performance art-recycled trash tonight, check out the Grammy Museum at LA Live.  There are amazing public events like Ozomatli’s “OzoKids” show or Icons like ...Read More

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Happy New Year! I know that usually sounds like champagne, resolutions and magnum sized hangovers. But this is second New Year’s – the one with dragons, firecrackers and dumplings. Chinese New Year! If you have never been to LA’s Chinatown, this would be the ...Read More