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Black Cocktail for Black Friday

Who said Black Friday had to be about shopping? Black Friday is getting a makeover, with retailers like REI keeping their doors closed and some State Parks encouraging people to get out into nature and enjoy one another’s company. So give thanks, kick your feet ...Read More

New Spring Menu at the Roger Room

The Roger Room has a new Spring Menu. Since California knows nothing of seasons, winter being just a name we call 3 months out of the year, it is nice to mark the advent of Spring in our calendars with something significant. Some choose ...Read More

Halloween in LA {Top 5 Picks}

Your annual excuse to dress-like-a-harlot-and-get-away-with-it has arrived.  Halloween has descended upon LA.  Whether you’re trying to find a place to show off your creative costume…or not, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween activities ranging from the ordinary to the extra-way-out-there. Here are some quick ...Read More