Last Remaining Seats

Summer is quickly approaching. This also means the Last Remaining Seats Series is also approaching. Here is your chance to get up close and personal with Old Hollywood. The Last Remaining Seats Series supports the LA Conservancy, who have taken it upon themselves to be stewards of the classic buildings & historic architecture of Los Angeles.

The Last Remaining Seats opens the doors of the old movie palaces and plays classic films that may have premiered there decades ago. I have seen the silent movie Metropolis with live music played on the historic Wurlitzer organ in the Orpheum. I have seen Buster Keaton movies, Hitchcock classics & Busby Musicals. Not only was it an opportunity to see these film classics on a big screen, but it was also an opportunity to see them from the lavish balcony of the Los Angeles or the Orpheum and marvel at the built in crying room so mothers could bring their babies without irritating any audience members (can we re-purpose that into a cell phone room?).

This year’s lineup boasts the Technicolor glory of Music Man, Fay Wray in King Kong and Gloria Swanson who is ready for her closeup in Sunset Boulevard.

Date Featured Film Theatre
May 25
Rear Window (1954) –
June 1
The Music Man (1962) Los Angeles
June 8
Captain Blood (1935) Million Dollar
June 15
King Kong (1933) Los Angeles
June 22
Zoot Suit (1981)
Co-presented with the
Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles

Million Dollar
June 26 Sunset Boulevard (1950)

June 29 Safety Last! (1923) Orpheum
5 City Secrets to make the most of Last Remaining Seats
  1. Get there early to take in the the architecture and find a seat as it is first come first serve.
  2. The old movie palaces are NOT equipped with the modern amenity known as Air Conditioning – that we have come to rely on – so it can get warm very quickly
  3. Bring a camera. The theaters are not often open to the public so this may be your only chance to see these buildings up close and personal
  4. Buy Tickets Early – They SELL OUT FAST
  5. Try to see the one silent film that they screen (This year it’s the Harold Lloyd classic – Safety Last!) because there is something amazing about hearing the original score on the Orpheum’s original Mighty Wurlitzer organ.

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