Michael Jackson is Alive and Well

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he King of Pop has been synonymous with Halloween ever since his breakthrough short-film-slash-music-video, “Thriller” hit the airwaves in 1983. Michael Jackson’s dance moves thrilled audiences when the video premiered on MTV, featuring iconic choreography by Michael Peters, (who was also responsible for the slick moves in “Beat It”). Featuring werewolves and zombies straight out of the mind of Rick Baker, “Thriller’s” zombie dance number has been replicated by prisoners, wedding parties and teenagers, making it an ubiquitous touchstone of pop-culture.

Meeting Michael at Rick Baker’s Monster Mash Halloween Party

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the dance, or are just inspired to bust a move, here are some of my favorite performances by real people. Trust me, if some of these people can pull it off, you can totally do it. Just learn the moves and find a flash mob. There should be many this time of year!

Prisoners, Classic

Filipinos know how to dance, even if they are in prison.


13,000 Mexicans, In Mexico

This was an attempt to beat the world record number of flash mob participants. As far as I know, they still hold the record.


Wedding Thriller

There is a whole sub-genre of wedding “Thriller” videos that is worth perusing on your next sleepless night. I have seen some pretty amazing videos that top this one, but as far as I know, this was the wedding version that started it all.


Tulsa, In the Street

These folks do the REAL choreography pretty well.


Kids in a Mall

Dance starts at about :50 & these girls bring it.