Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys & Dolls

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t’s Black Friday again, the busiest shopping day of the year. Whether you prefer to purchase in-store or shop online on Cyber Monday, our holiday gift guide has our top five favorites for both the guys and dolls on your list this year.

[blockquote]I speak dude pretty fluently, so I put together a few things that most dudes would secretly think their buddy bought for them if they found it under the tree. Be the best Kris Kringle ever with these man-tastic gifts for the holidays. – Jenn[/blockquote]

For the Guys:

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Foodie Flash Cards for the Culinarily Curious, $10

Does your guy need to keep up with the latest food trends or just not embarrass himself at a Top Chef viewing party? Serve up a helping of snark with a side of sarcasm and spice up the dinner conversation with these foodie flashcards. From tagine to tartare, he’ll speak ‘foodie’ in no time.

Cole Haan Shoes & Forage Necktie for the Sartorialist, $198 / $78

Know a fancy man? Need to clean up your guy to meet the in-laws? These shoes are so cool, even guys notice them, and that tie will give you a toothache, it’s so sweet. The look doesn’t make the man, but it sure does help.

Bio Lite with Kettle Pot for the Zombie Survivalist, $129.95/$49.95

When I said, “Let’s get away from it all,” I didn’t mean leave our phones! What are we, savages? Whether you’re glamping or avoiding the living dead, this camp stove will survive the apocalypse. The size of a Nalgene bottle, this burner only needs a few twigs to get it going and will convert excess heat to electricity, so you can still charge your phone while you toast marshmallows.

Pierde Almas +9 Mezcal for the Adventurous Spirit, $89.99

A spirit that defies definition, this is a triple-distilled mezcal tequila with the traditional nine botanicals of gin. If James Bond knew this existed, he’d be ordering it. The first ever gin-based on agave spirits, this sipping gin lingers on your palate and lends itself to unique craft cocktails or a revival of the until-now-outdated gin and tonic.

iPad FoosBall Table for the Athle-tech Bro in your life, $100

This is for the man who has a man cave. Or at least wants to have one. A FoosBall Table for his iPad will liven up any game room or turn the dining room table (or office) into a frat party. Peanut shells optional. If he’s been threatening to get a pool table, this will buy you some time.

[blockquote] Whether she’s a girly-girl or a back bar room broad, this list has something that will appeal to every doll on your list. —Ashley[/blockquote]

For the Dolls:

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Polaroid Instant Digital Camera for the Snappy Shutterbug, $199

Nostalgia meets high-tech with this instant digital camera, perfect for the party-goer photographer on your list. She’ll love its features: In-camera editing, uploading to a hard drive, and of course, the reason everyone loves Polaroid: instant photos. Did I mention it prints on adhesive photo paper?

Carmen Miranda Bib Necklace for the Fabulous Fashionista, $42

No outfit is complete until adorned with accessories, and with a sparkly statement necklace, a girl can do no wrong. Punch up her wardrobe with bold coral gems, perfectly pink stones and blindingly-bright rhinestones. Just watch her eyes light up like a Christmas tree when she finds this in her stocking.

NY Times 36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe for the World Traveler, $40

So many places to go, so many things to see! This compilation of the NY Time’s travel column will pare down her overseas itinerary, highlighting both popular landmarks and hidden treasures off the beaten path. Perfect for the time-strapped traveler who wants to do it all.

Blowout in a Box for your Mane Squeeze, $199

Every girl loves a bouncy blowout, but making regular trips to salon is straining on the pursestrings. This Blowout set from Drybar includes stylists’ most coveted Buttercup blow dryer, famous for having the speediest drying time. Coupled with the signature shampoo and conditioner, the perfect round brush and essential serums, your favorite gal can now make everyday a good hair day.

Jonathan Adler Toulouse Dart Board Set for the Parlour Gamer, $295

Aim to please with this daring dart board set. With its marble oil drop lacquered finish, velvet back and gold screen-printed graphics, this piece serves as both entertainment and art. Giving this glamorous gift will surely hit bull’s eye.