Rose Bowl Flea Market

I feel like everyone I know is looking for that ONE GREAT FIND.  There is something primal about “the hunt.”  That elated feeling when you find that amazing vintage brooch that completes your look or that mid-century Eames lounge in perfect condition is part of our DNA.  I mean, obviously that is the same feeling that people have when they finish a marathon (not that I would know what that is like, since I am allergic to running).  Leave it to me to equate shopping with running a marathon.

My friend Autumn and I took a trip there last month (she took all these gorgeous pictures) and we made this little video to share with you.

Rather than trolling all the thrift stores from Goodwill to St Vincent, which by the way is not very eco-friendly in your gas guzzling SUV which is the only vehicle that  you own that can shlep the perfect dining room table and chairs when you find it, why don’t you make it one stop shopping and just go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market?!

with my brother, Alex "taking a seat"

It’s this coming Sunday, so maybe we’ll see you there!

Useful 411
  • Ticket prices are $8 after 9am and go up the earlier you get there
  • Second Sunday of Every Month – RAIN OR SHINE
  • There are ATM’s at the entrance, but CASH is king so be sure to stop at the money machine before you arrive
  • Plenty of bathrooms. It is a stadium, after all.
Ninja Tips
  • Comfortable Shoes and a Sun Shade are a must if you’re not one of the die hards and there at the crack of dawn
  • You can tell the veterans with a plan because they have push carts or wheel barrows or whatever four wheeled contraption they could find to carry all their wares.  (Luckily we had a stroller because of little Finn – so we had a handy place to store some stuff)
  • Hydrate & feed yourself.  There is food there, but it’s basically ball park food so if hot dogs and lemonade aren’t your thing – eat before hand.
  • Remember where you park.  The Rose Bowl is huge.  It is very easy to get lost.
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