Summer Swap Party – Part II

Ok, so how do you plan a Clothing Swap Party? If you missed the first post, you can read about the Summer Swap Party that I throw with my friend Autumn every year, right here.


I think one of the most important ingredients to a successful swap party is LOCATION. You want to find a central location that all your friends can gather in without feeling cramped. Send any boys away and make sure you have plenty of mirrors. We affectionately refer to our party as the “naked lady party” because everyone strips down to their chonies and turns the living room into one big communal dressing room.

Last year, we were super lucky that my friends Danny & Aubrey let us throw our party at Studio DNA on Beverly in Los Angeles. It was the perfect location because
a. it was gorgeous
b. there were tons of mirrors and
c. there were fabulous stylists around who were able to finish off your look
with a bit of make-up or a trim.

Check our their services and Facebook Page because they have super fun events like Thursday night Blow Dry Classes with food trucks.

My friend Danny with the award for “best outfit” at Studio DNA

See if a local salon will let you throw a party there or just set up at your house, which is what we did this year.

Get Directions


Autumn loves themes. It also makes it easier to plan food, color schemes and décor. This year our theme was make lemonade, so we had a built in color with lemons (aka yellow) and I liked how turquoise played with that color, so we decided on turquoise and lemon yellow. This gave us our color palate so that we could have these great signs that I designed (which you can download here): Download Summer Swap Graphics.