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Love Yourself

  This post first appeared on Move LifeStyle by Jenn Wong   Maybe I’m contrarian, but I think the month of love is desperately in need of a makeover. While I appreciate the intended sentiment of Valentine’s Day, I’m slightly peeved by the holiday’s ...Read More

Summer Swap, Part III

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the graphics for your own swap party.  Now, it’s time for the final installment of Clothing Swap madness.  If you missed the first two segments you can read them here: Summer Swap Party Part I Summer Swap Party Part ...Read More

Summer Swap Party – Part II

Ok, so how do you plan a Clothing Swap Party? If you missed the first post, you can read about the Summer Swap Party that I throw with my friend Autumn every year, right here. Location I think one of the most important ingredients ...Read More

Summer Swap Party – Part 1

In these troubled times, when you find yourself thinking twice about ordering that 1/2 cap 1 pump soy latte because you think you might need that money for gas in your car… first of all, why do you have such a complicated Starbucks order ...Read More

Downtown LA Flower Market

I know this place isn’t really a secret, but it’s still a pretty spectacular place to see if you have never been there before.  Going as far back as 1913, the Flower Market has long been a hub for flowers given the  agricultural roots ...Read More

{I HEART} Spring Flowers

My current obsession is a home full of flowers.  After planning a beautiful baby shower for our friend Autumn, my house is filled with beautiful white & yellow flowers.           There are Ranunculus, Yellow Pom Pom flowers (Billy Balls) & ...Read More

Celebrate Pi Day

On the eve of the Ides of March is a day to be celebrated both by the lovers of irrational numbers and the lovers of flaky wholesome goodness a la mode.  It is a day that can bring both gluttons and nerds together in ...Read More

Throw a Kick Ass Party…for real.

This is what I think Paintball is made for: feeling like a badass with a gun without actually killing anyone, feeling the pain of a close range paintball and the bruise that accompanies it, and most importantly, feeling that satisfaction of sharing that aforementioned ...Read More