Throw a Kick Ass Party…for real.

This is what I think Paintball is made for: feeling like a badass with a gun without actually killing anyone, feeling the pain of a close range paintball and the bruise that accompanies it, and most importantly, feeling that satisfaction of sharing that aforementioned pain with your fellow comrades in arms. I remember growing up when paintball was the 13 year old boy’s idea of the best birthday ever.  It still is that, but, the people at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park have turned it up a notch so that the adult-you can get your Mad Max on by roaming the mock apocalyptic sets dripping with fresh paint & feel like a kid again.

Apocalyptic Paint Covered Terrain

The event I went to was hosted by Media Barons, a full service creative services company, that specializes in irreverent marketing, attention getting advertising, creating online presence through social networking & the like or full service branding.  {}  They even made fun party favors/implements of embarrassment.

Media Barons Kick Ass


  • Bring food.  You don’t want to eat their fake nacho cheese if you don’t have to.
  • There are lockers that you can rent for $5 and it is worth every penny.
  • Wear your “painting clothes” (the ones that you wouldn’t mind throwing away) because getting dirty is an inevitability.  If you wish, you can rent a jumpsuit that is basically painter’s coveralls.
  • Get a group together.  If you don’t, be prepared to be stuck with ex-military/wannabee military who own semi-automatic paintball hoppers or teenagers who have nothing better to do than perfect their paintball game, which means: you will likely get your arse kicked.  If you get your own group together, you can rig it with slow moving targets from your office that you have always imagined using for target practice anyway.
  • The best spot is up top where you can see all the action.  You’ll know what I mean when you get there…  Try to get a table & bribe your mom to hold it for you while you’re out doing your best Stratham impression on the battle field.

Hollywood Sports Paintball Park offers events from capture the flag in a war zone peppered with old cars & various debris from some anonymous post-apocalyptic event to SPEED BALL on a super close quarters field with no cover where it’s every man for himself until total annihilation. Mwahahahaha. Ok. Clearly I’m into it.  So, get a group of your enemies together and duke it out like commandos.

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9030 Somerset Blvd.
Bellflower, CA 90706