dineLA | 2010

It’s RESTAURANT WEEK in LA!  That means you can try all those shmancy restaurants that you read about in the foodie blogs that you follow without having to take out a mortgage to do so.   There is a smorgasbord of prix-fixe menus to choose from, ranging from $16 lunches to $44 dinners.  Some restaurants have both lunch and dinner options and some only have one or the other, so check out dineLA‘s website for options.  Restaurants are showcasing their best food for a fraction of the price so it’s a pretty sweet deal.  You can even try Jose Andres’ Bazaar, whose innovative tapas inspired my very own “iPhone mit iPhone.”

In all seriousness, The Bazaar at SLS is an amazing dining experience, whether you get the traditional tapas or the gastromolecular magic that they spin there.  This is their inspired take on Lox & Bagels:

Everything they do makes me laugh because it’s so clever & fun — so treat yourself to a fine meal without cracking that rainy day piggy bank fund.

dineLA Restaurant Week

October 3 – 8 & October 10 – 15, 2010
$16, $22 or $28 Lunches
$26, $34 or $44 Dinners