Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day 03.14 - PIE!

On the eve of the Ides of March is a day to be celebrated both by the lovers of irrational numbers and the lovers of flaky wholesome goodness a la mode.  It is a day that can bring both gluttons and nerds together in the spirit of peace, love and understanding.

March 14 is Pi Day – so noted for the integer and first 2 decimal places (3.14) of the number known as Π. C’mon, who else besides Prince, gets a symbol to represent their name?  The most common time of celebration is 1:59pm for the numbers that follow 3.14, however there are the hard core adherents who prefer the 24 hour clock so consequently celebrate at 1:59 am or 15:09 (3:09pm). Nerds.

Top 5 Things TO DO on PI DAY

1. Be Irrational

Just like the prototypical Irrational number, do something spontaneous and a little messy.  Have a fit in the supermarket.  Drive over 25 mph over speed bumps even though it says the speed limit is 15 mpg.  Start a food fight in your cubicle farm.  Drive to a bunch of Gas Stations and buy 3.14 gallons of gas.

2. Eat a Pie

Celebrating the number that aids the computation of the diameter of a circle, a Pie is a perfect companion to Pi Day.

Leslie Sarna has a lovely recipe for Pie on her blog that has a sugar cookie crust & also a recipe for Whoopie Pies.

If you’re not that ambitious:
Dessert Darling has some wonderful recommendations for sweet Π goodness: Tootie Pies from Texas!

If you’re in Los Angeles:
Porto’s Bakery has the most amazing Meat Pies I have ever eaten & they are small enough that you can easily eat 3.14 of them.
Swinger’s also has some great pies – in fact, Dessert Darling gave their Apple Pie her prestigious Golden Cherry!

3. Be a Math Fashion Statement


4. Get Married on Pi Day

WikiHow recommends getting married on Pi Day.  Since Pi is an irrational number with no terminating or repeating decimals and has until now has no end (as of the last computation, more than 2 trillion digits past the decimal) – what better way to profess your never ending love than on the day of the transcendental number Pi.

5. Watch Pi

Now that Darren Arronofsky has made a reputation for himself with The Wrestler and Black Swan, you can go back to his roots and watch his first movie, PI, in honor of PI DAY!

What are you doing for PI Day?
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