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Maybe I’m contrarian, but I think the month of love is desperately in need of a makeover. While I appreciate the intended sentiment of Valentine’s Day, I’m slightly peeved by the holiday’s tendency to divide us women into categories of coupled or not. Apart from the highly politicized fact that couples no longer look like the bride and groom cake toppers of the fifties, the current definition of love begs to be expanded beyond that of showering the real or imagined ‘love of your life’ with the sum total of our adoration and attention. Yes, I too was raised on a steady diet of Princesses and Prince Charmings, but our modern world needs to make a little room in that definition for Y-O-U.

Let’s imagine what such a holiday would look like: Start the morning with a massage. A mani-pedi. Room service and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Bubble Bath. Champagne… and a cataclysmic orgasm. Right?  We’re all adults here. Sounds delicious, n’est pas?

Love Yourself

In an attempt to change the world one party at a time, my friend Brittany and I took it upon ourselves to throw a “Love Yourself Party,” a cheeky send-off that we were throwing this party in February, the month of love, coupled with the fact that we chose to host this ladies-only-party at our favorite neighborhood sex shop. As the name intoned, we wanted to re-invigorate the holiday of love to be a day to take care of yourself, not someone else.  Better yet, we wanted to take care of each other.  Whether single, married, or “it’s complicated,” this holiday need not remind us how many boxes we have checked off on our list of life to-dos.

Yes, it was a rousing success… and arousing too, I hope.  There is no need to save that sexy lace number for someone else.  Wear that lingerie out on the town because it makes you feel sexy.  Do that strip tease because it puts you in touch with your own femininity.  Open that bottle of champagne because you’re feeling flirty.

To get you started on the right foot, I have put together some inspiration.  Now it is all up to you. Will you be Naughty or Nice this year?


Manhattan Bar Kit | Calla G4 | Spike it Out Necklace | Dirty Fortune Cookies | Tantra Feather Teaser

Nice Heart Headband | Putto Espresso Cup | Valentines Day Coffee | TOMS Ballet Flat in Ikat

Illustrations by: moni158