The Spare Room

Prepare to be transported to a different time.  A time when rum runners were king and speakeasies were the place to be.  Let me introduce you to your new ‘blind tiger‘ – The Spare Room.

More highbrow than the seedy blind pig establishments, The Spare Room resides in the historic Roosevelt Hotel.  It houses a bar/game room filled with classic cocktails and nouveaux twists on classics with all the pomp and circumstance of today’s mixology establishments.

Ninja Tip

Hone in on a bartender named Ryan.  Imagine if Alexander Skarsgard just happened to be the kick back bartender at your neighborhood bar who happens to make a drink like it was a culinary masterpiece… that would be Ryan.  I had the Smoking Gun made from mezcal and God only knows what else… but you could just as well say, “I like anything with gin” and he will make an equally delicious libation.  I have had Ryan’s mixology masterpieces from back in the day when he was the mixologist behind the Library Bar downstairs.  Let me just say, it is worth the mighty price tag$.


To give you an idea of what kind of music is appropriate to such an establishment, here is The Dustbowl Revival thanks to  I saw them at the Spare Room on Oct 6.

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