Learning to Fly

Way of the Wong takes you to Richie Gaona's Trapeze class

Job got you down?  Thinking of running away to join the circus?  Who does that?  Well… you can.  Deep in Woodland Hills, down a little suburban side street, in a circus family’s backyard, is a 3 story trapeze rig, ready for your trembling little limbs to climb the narrow ladder to stand high above the trees ready to take a leap of faith.

Richie Gaona is a 4th Generation Circus Performer, and his son Alex, the next generation, is also up in the rigs.  They have been taking novices through fly school for generations, so you are in able hands.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of just letting go and let someone catch you.

Chalking Up

So, stretch it out. Gather up your courage... and take flight.

Richie Gaona Flying Trapeze School


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