Cocktail Education @ Bow & Truss

Bow & Truss on Way of the Wong

Mixology fans, have I got a treat for you.  In an old auto-body shop in the divisively self proclaimed NoHo Arts District, lives a bar helmed by Jonny Whitton (Seven Grand & Villains Tavern) and road readied by the Liquid Assests dynamic duo of Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest. Gourmet Latin cuisine is on the menu, but what you really want to check out is their Spanish sherry menu, massaged into beautiful cocktails by Whitton.  The bar boasts handmade juices, spices, syrups and a collection of hometown Angeleno bitters.

But here’s the real treat: This Thursday, you can wow and amaze your friends as you learn to work magic like the pros at Bow & Truss.  Whitton has a special evening in store for you, where for twenty five buckaroos you can glean some secrets ranging from signature cocktails with spanish sherry to making your own infusions.  You’ll get some history, some technique, and leave with a happy belly.

Feb 28 | 7-9pm | or 818-985-8787 to make a reservation | $25

Bow & Truss Cocktail Education