Grilled Cheese Invitational 2013

Jenn Wong meets the Mayor of Cheese

A new high holiday is re-born: This year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational falls on April 20, 2013.  4/20 people.  Yes.  That 420.  The stars are aligning once in a millenia for the organized consumption of ooooey gooey grilled cheese and the only organized holiday of the stoner nation.  Get down with Snoop Lion and roll a big fat doobie before sauntering down to LA Center Studios for a day filled with butter, bread, cheese and victory.  You can glad hand with the Mayor of Cheese, who is not a figment of your THC laced imagination, but a real public figure who officiates such fromage filled revelry.

Check it: I grill the Mayor on all things Grilled Cheese at the Grilled Cheese Truck

It’s only $12 if you buy tickets online for all the Cabot Sponsored Grilled Cheese you can eat & despite my intro, the event is very family friendly.  You can buy a taste from the competitors but maybe you should just fork over a $13 more bucks ($25 all in) to be a JUDGE in the competition.

Grilled Cheese Invitational

Los Angeles Center Studios
1201 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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