Tech Report: Modern Summer Boom Box

[dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]ello, Summer! Long days that creep into nights, filling our memories with adventures that are just begging for a soundtrack. We all have those iconic songs that remind us of that crazy summer when we __________-ed all summer long, and all that is left is the memory. All you need to unlock that memory is a needle drop of that summer beat and your adult self is instantly transported to that (likely adolescent) summer, through the only means of time travel we currently have: music.

Fret not, you can still pump that soundtrack of your life even if the bass-bumpers that took eight D batteries are no longer en vogue. The 21st century has given us sleeker versions of the retro boom box that can support bluetooth streaming from your music-filled phone, 3mm headphone jacks to ferry tunes from your favorite mp3 music source or will stream straight from your favorite music app.


[1] Scratch Track :For booty-bumping tunes. [2] Boom Urchin: Water-resistant and bluetooth enabled. Hook this sea urchin onto your belt loop or backpack. [3] Solar Rukus: Solar-powered to take your tunes anywhere the sun can find you. [4] iP4 Boom Box: Break into electric boogaloo, slip on your Reeboks and pop ‘n’ lock in the parking lot. [5] The House of Marley Bag of Riddim: The House of Marley says it all, jammin’ Rock Steady. Drum Circle not included.

Slider Boombox from: Alex W

We hope the longer days will encourage us all to kick back at least a little bit each day this summer. Take your morning coffee and your laptop onto your porch and enjoy the beautiful weather in the hushed moment before the city wakes up and before the busy day begins. Cheers to summer!