Breakfast for Dinner at Yuca’s Hollywood

Yuca's Hollywood - Way of the Wong

with Dora Hererra at Yucas Hollywood

I love breakfast. I’m one of those people who wants eggs at dinner and is perennially pissed when I miss the customary 11am cut off at most establishments. Thank goodness for Dora Herrera.

Dora and her mother have been serving up James Beard award winning food since “Mama Yuca” opened up a little stand in a former shoe shine shop in 1976 in Los Feliz. Yuca’s has been serving tacos, burritos & burgers for 38 years. And now, Dora Herrera has expanded the menu at Yuca’s on Hollywood to include a traditional Yucatan breakfast. Served all day!

Read on to see how I get my breakfast grub on.




Breakfast Burittos

The Breakfast Burrito is an LA staple. At Yuca’s in Hollywood, they offer the classic bacon version which fills a tortilla with eggs, diced potatoes, twice-fried bacon (for twice the crunch), Yuca’s special salsa & their house made chipotle hot salsa. In addition to that classic rendition, Yuca’s also offers 3 alternatives to bacon with the choice of chorizo (or soyrizo if you are vegetarian), ham, or machaca (shredded beef stewed in tomatoes, onions and bell peppers). Best case scenario, if you can’t decide, Yuca’s on Hollywood offers a Breakfast Burrito sampler of all 4 flavors as mini burritos for just $10 on the 1st Saturday of every month.
Burittos Yuca's Hollywood

Huevos Motulenos

A crispy tostada topped with black beans, a sunny side up egg & a light tomato sauce with diced ham and peas. If you’re craving Huevos Rancheros, this close cousin from the Yucatan will cure you of that craving & henceforth subject you to cravings of Huevos Motuleños.
YUCAS montelenos


I love Chilaquiles: crisp tortilla chips slathered in salsa with eggs and beans. You can add meat or have it as a vegetarian dish. It is a perfect breakfast – any time of the day.
Chilaquiles Yucas Hollywood

Ninja Tips

There are a few secret items on Dora’s menu and she loves to add new ones for her favorite customers, so keep coming back and you might find a few more.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Esprechata = Horchata with a shot of espresso (very popular)
  • The Jajuba Burrito = named after a regular customer who plays in a band. A Chile Relleno burrito with chicken.
  • Mama’s Cheeseburger = Cheeseburger with beans

Yuca’s serves Yucatán home cooking beyond breakfast, so even if desayuno isn’t your thing, you will still have many delicious dishes to choose from!

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