Cocktail Hour: Mix it Up


For easy summer entertaining, don’t worry too much about the fancy infusions and multi-step recipes, just grab one of these delicious mixers and your favorite spirit for a no-fuss evening.

Highballs, or 2-ingredient cocktails – a spirit and a mixer, are some of my favorite cocktails, because they’re easy to make and easy to drink. Luckily for you, there are many mixers that will elevate your classic gin & tonic or rum & coke. These mixers are made with high quality natural ingredients, so despite their ease of use, they are not your run of the mill mixer. So mix it up with an artisanal soda, a tonic syrup (just add soda water), or a pre-batched mixer with intricate flavors like tea blends or smoke, that will add a delicious complexity that requires no extra steps on your part.

Cocktail Hour Mix It Up - Mixers for every occasion
[1] BitterMilk Oaxacan Old Fashioned [2] Dry Soda [3] Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic [4] Shrub & Co Spicy Ginger Shrub [5] Owls Brew White & Vine [6] Organic Fair Organic Soda Syrups