Everything you thought you knew about Jello Shots is Wrong

5 Classic Jelly Shots for Cocktail Lovers

Show of hands.
How many of you have had jello shots at some point in your life?

Tasty? Questionable.
Effective? Probably.
Worth attempting again? Probably not.

Well – get ready to throw out everything you ever thought you knew about Jello Shots, because I have got a group of jelly shots that will surely change your mind. My latest piece for Chilled Magazine has recipes for 5 Jelly Shots for Cocktail Lovers. Perfect for entertaining and amazing your friends.

Delicious? Naturally.
Elegant? Mais Oui.
The best thing to take to a grown up party ever? You know it.

Recipes to the three tasty treats below (plus 2 more) are at Chilled Magazine.


Irish Car Bomb Jelly Shot

by Ludlows Cocktail Co

La Nina Mezcal “Grasshoppers on Grass”

Mezcal Horchata Jelly Shot w Toasted Grasshoppers from Art Beyond the Glass

St. Germain Greyhound Jelly Shot with Pop Rocks

by Ludlows Cocktail Co