Physique 57

Happy New Year.  Welcome to a world of pain.  After the holidays, all we can ever think of is ‘how the heck am I gonna fit in those skinny jeans again’.  I know.  It’s February.  I celebrate Chinese New Year – what do you want from me?

I have your solution though.  Physique 57.  This looks like your run of the mill barre workout slash floor pilates slash hang out for skinny girls, but it is so much more than that.  It will kick start you right into 2012.  Promise.  Here’s a little preview of your year to come:


  • 57 minutes of wall to wall workout – using your body’s own weight for resistance
  • Core work for days.
  • soft squishy carpet to dig your toes into while your grimace
  • mirrored walls ala ballet school so you can cheat off your neighbor

Ninja Tips:

  • Hydrate
  • Breathe.  You won’t get it the first go ’round – the instructor moves fast.  Just try to stay in the moment.
  • Parking is validated, so you can park for free in the Rite Aid Parking lot (as long as you don’t stay all day)
  • They have a cute little sitting area and you can buy workout gear or water if you forget.
  • Complimentary Green Apples.  So sweet.
  • Bring socks. You’re not allowed in the studio without them.
Get Directions

Physique 57 Los Angeles
320 North Cañon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 271-0570