Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree.
I can’t stay mad at you.

In honor of the holiday season, I would like to introduce you to my Christmas Tree.  I am in love with this tree.  I have always been a bit contrarian in that I never saw the appeal of a live tree.  I, in fact, really liked the plastic trees with fake kitschy colors that needed an electric plug more than it needed a bucket of water.

I got this baby at the Outlet at ELS.  After Christmas, on sale, for $70 $35.  It is the Sears Trim a Home Glitter White Tree.  Yes, the one that is usually $200.  The Outlet at ELS is an amazing place to find electronics, decor, kitchenware and appliances that used to be at Costco, Sears or other large department stores.  I have found everything from wine fridges to baby gear to a Kitchen aid Artisan mixer (for $179).

Get Directions

The first year I had the tree, I left it up through February because I loved it so much.  This year I decided that it needed a little bit of fun instead of the stark modern look (which I also adore).  So, I bought these great colorful birds from Aldik home which now live in my White Christmas tree.

Aldik home was recommended to me by a friend who is an art director when I complemented her on the gorgeous wreath on her door made of succulents.  She made me touch the wreath because all of the cacti were FAKE.  They were plastic.  BUT THEY LOOKED SO AMAZINGLY REAL.

Aldik Home will do arrangements of all kinds, but they are known for their CUSTOM ARTIFICIAL TREES.  These trees look amazing.  You want to touch them.  You can’t believe they’re not real.  As with anything, there are a few lone trees that don’t look as great as others, but the ones that stand out are really quite worth the drive into the valley.

Get Directions

Right now it is Christmas and that is a sight to see!  You can shop right off the trees that are decked OUT.  Michael’s eat your heart out.  You got nothin’ on Aldik Home.
Go. Just to see it. If you still need Christmas Decor. OR Hit up their after Christmas Sale.  Ahhhhhmazing.