Prom + ComicCon = PromiCon

At Big Bar's Bollywood Prom
At Big Bar’s Bollywood Prom

What better way to celebrate the self imposed season of love – Valentine’s Day – or Single Awareness Day – with the most awkward memory of your adult life, Prom. For 5 years now, Big Bar in Los Feliz has been dusting the mothballs off our adolescent fantasy for us with themed nights filled with the spiked punch you wanted as a teenager and the do-over opportunity to get crowned King & Queen of the Prom.

Honestly, this may actually be my favorite Valentine’s Day event. I love the chance to dress the part and a decidedly un-fussy evening devoid of prix-fixe menus or cover charges. Just as your high school Prom had a theme, Big Bar is no different. Could it be an Under the Sea Adventure? Bollywood? or A Trip to Paris? No, this year’s theme couldn’t be more perfect for those awkward teen years you remember. It’s Promicon (Prom + ComicCon, naturally).

So try out this cosplay meets corsage event with your favorite geek theme: Marvel, DC, Dr. Who, Star Wars/Trek/Gate, Capcom/Nintendo, Browncoats or all civilians are welcome too! Join the Grand Marshalls, nerd queens, Lilan and Wilder in celebrating Promicon!

Dave Stolte will immortalize you as a super hero
Dave Stolte will immortalize you as a super hero

The amazing illustrator Dave Stolte will be immortalizing you in ink, complete with super powers & I hear there will be a Medieval ‘Game of Thrones Beer Garden’, classic arcade games to play, and of course comic books!

So grab a date or go stag but don’t forget to try the enchanted fairy punch. You may even be crowned King or Queen of the Prom! Your mother will be so proud.

Big Bar Prom

Feb 14 | 7pm
Big Bar Alcove
1927 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027