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Prom + ComicCon = PromiCon

What better way to celebrate the self imposed season of love – Valentine’s Day – or Single Awareness Day – with the most awkward memory of your adult life, Prom. For 5 years now, Big Bar in Los Feliz has been dusting the mothballs ...Read More

Bollywood at Big Bar

Valentine’s Day: the celebration of overprix-fixe plates, pressure laden plans of romantic bliss, and otherwise available single ladies crying themselves to sleep over re-runs of Sex in the City.  So depressing that it kinda makes you want to re-live your last awkward moment of ...Read More

5 Favorite Videos of 2012

Here is a recap of some of my favorite videos of 2012. This post first appeared on Move LifeStyle From the uplifting to the inane, internet videos can easily overwhelm the casual viewer, making said viewer feel like a blind captain navigating floating detritus ...Read More

Renegade Craft Fair – Holiday Edition

If you missed Unique LA’s Holiday Show, don’t fret. Renegade is this weekend…and it’s FREE. Head over to The Cornfields, aka Los Angeles State Park, and find that unique gift that eluded you last weekend. Yes, Renegade is for all you holiday procrastinators who ...Read More

Halloween in LA {Top 5 Picks}

Your annual excuse to dress-like-a-harlot-and-get-away-with-it has arrived.  Halloween has descended upon LA.  Whether you’re trying to find a place to show off your creative costume…or not, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween activities ranging from the ordinary to the extra-way-out-there. Here are some quick ...Read More

LA River Ride

I was ogling the custom beach cruisers at Villy Customs and built my dream bike with their custom bike builder for a future date… and even though I couldn’t export my design to show you, here’s a cute one. Since Cyclavia was postponed until ...Read More


I think all of LA has OD’d on the word CARMAGEDDON, aka the supposed mind blowing traffic that will encompass Los Angeles for the weekend of July 16-17.  With all the fear mongering surrounding Car-mageddon, I thought I would give you a few ideas ...Read More

JPL Open House

Geek dads rejoice!  ok, moms too.  JPL (aka the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is holding its annual family open house this weekend.  What?  You didn’t know that we had NASA in our backyard?  Oh, for shame. Here is the opportunity to either live out those ...Read More

Oscars in Los Angeles

Hollywood High Holiday Living in the City of Angels we have minor brushes with celebrity on a daily basis.  Clooney Starbucks sightings.  LiLo late night at Twain’s.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in your yoga class.  But on this coming weekend of a ...Read More

Discover the Arts in LA

By now we have all heard that Eli Broad is all set to open up his new museum next to the Disney Hall.  Oh, you haven’t heard.  Well, now you know… and knowing is half the battle (GI Joe!).  Well, while we wait for ...Read More