Bollywood at Big Bar

Valentine’s Day: the celebration of overprix-fixe plates, pressure laden plans of romantic bliss, and otherwise available single ladies crying themselves to sleep over re-runs of Sex in the City.  So depressing that it kinda makes you want to re-live your last awkward moment of single-hood, the one where you went stag and got drunk in the parking lot (alone) – yes, I’m talking about Prom Night.  In fact this could be your chance to tell Valentines Day & Prom Night to suck it – at the same time.  Welcome to Big Bar’s Bollywood Prom where there are no faculty chaperones to keep you from the Gin & Tonic Bar.

Bollywood at Big Bar

If you loved Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (mom, I’m talking to you), break out your saris or just some colorful pajamas and make your way out to Big Bar, because this year’s prom theme is Bollywood.  There will be a henna artist, an eye ball reader (yeah, I’m as curious as you are), delicious food and libations of South Eastern descent, and a coronation of Big Bar’s Prom King & Queen (or King & King or Queen & Queen… it is Silverlake after all).

As if that weren’t enough.  There will be an elephant.  Seriously.  An elephant.

Looking for something unconventional to do on Valentines Day?
Look no further: Bollywood Prom at Big Bar
6:00 pm-Midnight. Free Admission. No reservations.

1929 hillhurst avenue
los angeles, ca. 90027
t: 323.644.0100 | f: 323.644.0111

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