Dare to do Yoga with the Ultimate View

View of Los Angeles from the Helipad

Gaze off into infinity. Forget your deadlines, your back pain, your car payment, and your nagging neighbor. Be present. That’s what a yoga practice asks of you, but that’s not a simple request when your gym is downstairs from your office or you’re doing asanas in a stuffy room looking at traffic through the window. Here in Los Angeles, we are spoiled by postcard perfect weather and the promise of the great outdoors. That’s the truth. And now I’m going to give you one more reason to make your grade-school classmates jealous from wherever it was you came from (since everyone’s a transplant, right?), or at the very least to remind yourself why it is you live in this fine city.

I had never been on a helipad. In my mind, helipads are for ER emergencies or millionaires with helicopter licenses who distrust traffic. We plebeians are not privy to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Yet, here I was, drinking in a penthouse worthy view as I dropped into Warrior One. Downward Dog never looked this good. From now through the end of August, the InterContinental Century City is welcoming the public to their 17th floor helipad for afternoon yoga. Your troubles really do melt away when you’re gazing off into a view like this. Take my word for it & get down there before this ends, because it is worth it.

Way of the Wong - Jenn WongHelipad Yoga #ICLAYoga

Tuesdays 630p | on the 17th Floor Helipad

InterContinental Century City
2151 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California 90067

Classes are complimentary for hotel guests and $10 for the public
Valet parking is available for $7

Call (310) 284-6538 to book a session