The Gentleman’s Holiday Gift Guide

While girls are happy to drop not-so-subtle hints about what they expect to find under the tree, dudes clam up. (As they likely have no idea that the holidays are even upon us.) If you are looking to buy something for a special gent, here are a few things that we thought would pique your gentleman’s fancy.

1. Tactical Tie

For the MacGyver in your life. Pop Quiz: Does your man have a leatherman in his pocket and a screwdriver on his keychain? Here’s how you up his game: While he may be a stellar fix-it in a pinch, you’ve been scheming for the best way to get him to wear a tie every once in a while. With this Tactical Tie as part of his wardrobe arsenal, he won’t feel naked without his gear close at hand. However, you better help dress him, or he may choose to pair it with his utility kilt.

2. Retro Crosley Bluetooth Speaker

Your man prefers to argue that Green Day was only good in 2001 and feels satisfied crafting the perfect playlist for a toddler’s birthday party. The dude has music on the mind. Now you can leave your vinyl collection at home, but take the vintage vibe with you. Retro styling complements every hipster’s wardrobe, and you can trust the people who have been making radios since 1920 to care about portable sound.

3. Barrel Aging Kit

This guy can talk your ear off about the differences between bourbon, scotch, single malts, mash bills, Highlands, and Speysides… Yup, lost you already! Clearly, he’s ready to try his hand at barrel-aging some of his own juice. Here’s the easiest way (read: takes up less space than a barrel on your kitchen counter top) for him to get his feet wet barrel-aging any spirit or cocktail of his choosing.

4. Salami of the Month Club

It’s simple: Every man loves meat.

5. Filson Duffel

Let’s face it, if your dude is legal to date, he’s too old to be throwing everything he owns into his gym bag for a weekend trip. Wean your man off his frat suitcase with this regal duffel. Rugged enough for him to keep his manhood and as an added bonus, you can stop pretending you don’t know him at the baggage carousel.

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